Episode 71

Suzy Poling’s Infinity Stage: Light Axis and the Human Mirror

Experimental ½ Hour – Episode LXXI:
Suzy Poling’s Infinity Stage: Light Axis and the Human Mirror

Episode 71

This taping is part of Suzy Poling’s two month residency at Coaxial, “Infinity Stage”. In the piece Poling uses sculptural mirrored objects, large painted back drops, installation pieces, costumed figures and sound in collaboration with Experimental Half-Hour. The objective of the collaboration is to explore what the mirror’s refractive abilities are relation to the live video synthesis and human form. The idea is for the human to be covered in a mirror sculptural body suit that is of an architectural design. The human performer can play the roll of a lighthouse or structure for light phenomenon and transmissions to occur.

Artists Saira Huff and Anthony Ramon Maldonado join Suzy in this performance art piece.


Soundtrack by Christopher Reid Martin and Suzy Poling

Cameras by Adam Bellhouse and Jesus Rivera

Visual effects by Experimental Half-Hour

Filmed on location at
1815 S Main St Los Angeles, California
July 16, 2016

Produced by
Eva Aguila & Brock Fansler

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This program has been made possible by a grant from the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts and mediaThe foundation.

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