Episode 48

Live Taping of Geneva Jacuzzi’s MOCA LOTION at MOCA Geffen

Geneva Jacuzzi’s MOCA LOTION, a Dark Ages performance in one act; starring Experimental Half-Hour and Telefantasy Studios as part of the Step and Repeat series at the MOCA Geffen.

Infomercials & Pre-Recorded Visuals:
Jennifer Juniper Stratford (Extended Infomercials: https://vimeo.com/112937402)

Dalton Blanco
Robert Hansen
Sarah Bernat

Briana Gonzalez

Video Producers / Live Special Effects:
Eva Aguila
Brock Fansler

Lighting / Documentation:
David Estrada

Set Construction:
Elaine Carey
Vincent Sbaeza
Jordan heidt
Jarod heidt
Elsa Henderson
Kyle swick
Chad fjerstad
Keith seabrooks
David Estrada
Luis Padilla

Geneva Jacuzzi is a Los Angeles-based visual artist, musician, composer, and playwright known for her synth-driven bedroom pop recordings, and theatrical stage performances. She has honed a blithe and cryptic wit which concerns telling people what to do, body- motional detachment, nonsense, puns, mime control, and that’s-not-what-I-meant-aphors. Since the early 2000s she has released several albums of analog 8-track cassette home recordings, and Dark Ages, a multimedia project which began in 2011, has taken form in fashion editorials, galleries, theaters, and artist spaces across the globe.

Experimental Half-Hour is an avant-garde television show of performance art and experimental music. Utilizing a mobile studio they go into site specific venues to create multi-media interactive experiences in collaboration with artists and performers to produce thirty minute episodes of live television. In this piece they will serve as the editorial gaze and projected visual representation of “Dark Ages.”

In addition to the performance Geneva Jacuzzi will debut a series of commercials and videos created by her longtime collaborator, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, founder of Telefantasy Studios and the director behind the Dark Ages video program.   vimeo.com/35862339

Step and Repeat is a multi-disciplinary program of performance art, music, comedy, and poetry that marks MOCA’s return to live arts programming, a crucial part of the museum’s historical identity. Stretching across four Saturdays this fall, Step and Repeat will present voices from across the United States, with a special focus on the burgeoning performance communities in Los Angeles. Step and Repeat builds on the success of MOCAtv, which over the past two years has transcended its original role as a producer of online content to become a go-to location for daring performance art, video art, comedy, music videos, and documentaries. The goal of Step and Repeat is to celebrate the hybrid, convergent, nascent spirit of art today, to collapse some categories, and to explore new directions in artistic practices.

More info: mocastepandrepeat.tumblr.com