Episode 27

Barbara, Cristopher Cichocki, Brenna Murphy at TBA:11

Taped and Screened on Sept. 12, 2011
Originally broadcasted on Saturday 12/3/2011

Taped before a live audience on Sept 12, 2011 at TBA:11

Ashby Lee Collinson – Life partner in crime, inspiration
Krag Likins – UFO/Pyrotechnics assistant, heart technician
Oregon Painting Society – Inspiration and mind melding/(melting)
Brenna Murphy – Camera and editing equipment
Rebecca Carlisle Healy – Camera equipment and technical support
Kathleen Keogh and Dan Kim – Crash observers, campers
Nick Bindeman – Lighting equipment
Brock Fansler and Eva Aguila – Experimental 1/2 Hour, being awesome
PICA – For past and future TBA festivals
Gary and Doris Kinzle – Everything
Shot in Portland and Forest Grove, OR

“Hidden Message”
Cristopher Cichocki

“Angelos Game”
Brenna Murphy

Frances Fagen
Jennifer Sowell
Josh Kermiet

On-location PCM Tech
Joe Glode

Remote PCM Tech & Consultant
Jason Tait

PICA Contacts
Patrick Leonard – Communications Director
Kristan Kennedy – Visual Art Curator
Erin Boberg Doughton – Performing Arts Program Director
Helmy Membre̱o РAccounting
Beth Hutchins – Accounting
Chris Rousseau – Stage Coordinator
Rob Kodadek – Production Manager

Produced for TBA:11 through the facilities of
Portland Community Media – Portland, Oregon – pcmtv.org
Recorded and screened on Sept. 12, 2011 at The Works

© 2011